The Games and Sitecore Project World Paralleled – Part 1

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Well the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio will commence this week!  I always look forward to both the summer and winter events each Olympic year for the spirit of competition and pride that comes with rooting for my motherland … and, frankly, favorite vacation spots!

For the next couple of weeks, I will be entrenched, enthralled, inspired, and wowed beyond imagination; my life will be the Olympics and work, the Olympics and work; rinse and repeat.

As an engineer at a software application agency, I’ve often wanted to blog about Sitecore project life … tips, rants, secrets, behind the scenes sweat … there is so much to cover, but how could one make it more interesting?

As some of you can relate, my work brain rarely completely shuts down after-hours and I know it will be whirling with parallelisms while watching the games.

This series of blog posts will be documenting some of those parallelisms.  Of course, a worldly-massive event with 11,000+ athletes participating hardly matches up with a project life cycle but bits and pieces of the experience can be related.  That’ll be my content du jour.

By the way, if something in the Olympic coverage reminds you of your work life, shoot me a comment; I’d love inspiration for a future post.

Let the Games begin!

The Opening Ceremony

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