Quick tip (list): Sitecore and Digital Asset Management options

Shopping around for a DAM with a Sitecore connector? Here are a few options:


Here’s an article to help your client understand their particular needs for a DAM:


Quick tip – Sitecore WFFM – Saving to the database

In Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM), version 8, there is no longer a “Save to Database” save action. It is implied; WFFM will save the form data to the MongoDB or you can change the forms data provider to point to a different database as well.

What if you don’t want to save the data at all or not save some of the fields?

A new field has been introduced to turn off this default action at either the form or field level. Uncheck the “Save Form Data To Storage” field at the field or form level, save, and publish. That’s it!


Why would you want this?

At the field level, you could hide unnecessary fields (like a honeypot captcha) from polluting the forms collection.

At the form level, you may only want to send an email or only want to save the data to an external system, like Salesforce.